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Marl Hole Community Conservation Area Overview


Romsley Parish Council are undertaking a project to clean and improve an area of common land known as the “Marl Hole” in Romsley.

Our long-term plan is to develop the site as a “Community Conservation Area”, the benefits of which the whole of Romsley and the surrounding community could enjoy. The aim is to retain and enhance wildlife value and increase the resilience of landscape habitat corridors.

By enhancing biodiversity on this large publicly accessible site we are hoping to contribute to improving socio-economic factors such as health, well-being and education of the local community.

The Marl Hole project has been chosen to benefit from the next round of the Co-op Local Community Fund. Click here to find out how to help us.

Advice from Worcestershire Wildlife Trust has been used to inform some of the project’s aims

Romsley Parish Council are looking to fund this project by utilising grants wherever possible. Crowd Funding may also be used for specific projects where applicable.

Objective Overview and Tracking