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Marl Hole Ensure safe, open access for the community to visit and learn

The site is registered to Worcestershire County Council as Common Land, we are committed to enabling and improving free access. We will maintain a fence and gate to prevent further flytipping into the site. We will add a pedestrian access gate to allow unfettered access by the public.

We will build a circular footpath throughout the site, which encompasses all habitats and acts to concentrate visitor footfall to the paths. The paths will not be hard-surfaced but regularly mown and kept free of overhanging branches.

Interpretation panels

We will look to provide interpretation signs to aid visitors to relate nature to the need for conservation by telling the story of the site and highlighting the purpose of key features for wildlife. Interpretation panels will be sited at strategic points include the site entrance, meadow area, pond and hedgebanks.

Nature trails

We will look to establish a unique trail map and nature trails across the site to guide people to locations where they can experience wildlife, as well as acting to concentrate recreational pressure away from areas that may be sensitive to disturbance. Wildlife spotter sheets will be created for children and adults, helping people to identify the plants and animals seen.

Education amphitheatre

We will investigate the siting of an outdoor amphitheatre for local school and community groups. A potential location for this could be in the meadow area of the site and this will be reviewed at a later stage in the project.

Local Groups

We will look to involve local groups including Hillside Ladies, Friends of Romsley, Romsley & Hunnington History Society, Scout Centre, Duke of Edinburgh Award participants, St Kenelm’s Church congregation, Parish Walking Group etc,

20% - In Progress