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Social Media Security

Social Media Security

The use of Social Media is on the rise. It is a fantastic tool for communicating with friends, sharing photos or catching up with people from the past. However there are many hidden dangers with its use. I have written the following information to help you to keep your information safe – I hope that you find this useful

David Powell – Councillor


Are you aware of the hidden dangers of Facebook and other Social Media?  When does sharing on Facebook pose a risk to your security, social standing or job prospects?

If your Facebook account is not secured, anyone in the world can have access to your private information, whereabouts, photo\’s of your loved ones etc. This is not only leaving you open to unwanted prying eyes – but you are also susceptible to thieves. If you just \”checked-in\” at the local pub with the family and you have posted pictures of your house or mentioned/ tagged your address, then any thief who is trolling Facebook profiles will know that you are not at home.
Be very careful what you post and share. If you have not secured your account, anything you are posting and sharing is effectively shared with the world!! Anything you do on Facebook can and may be used against you in a court of law.
Many employers use Facebook for vetting potential employees or in contract disputes.
  • Will whatever you are sharing see your employer in a bad light?
  • Are you openly criticising them?
  • Are you in a job role where your post would be seen as inappropriate?
  • Are you posting excessively while you should be working?
  • Are there a lot of pictures on your page of you drunk/ acting inappropriately that a prospective employer might see?
Overall, think carefully how your posts and shares portray you. You are effectively leaving an electronic \”footprint\” whenever you post. If your account is not secure – think….
  • How does your post reflect on you?
  • Would your family be comfortable with your post?
  • Would your employer be OK with your post?
  • Are you releasing any sensitive information which compromises your security

Below are 2 links to great articles on securing your account and some tips to protect you when using Social Media

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