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The use of Social Media is now widespread. However as well as being a great aid for keeping in touch and communication, it is also a great security risk! Here are some tips to keeping your information and details secure.

Community Messaging Service (CMS)west-mercia-police

The CMS is ideal for Romsley & Hunnington residents to receive up to date crime alerts and reports of crime committed within their community.

Once an individual has registered to receive CMS messages, they will receive automated emails informing them of incidents and crime.

The link explains it all, it is self explanatory and there is an online CMS guide.

Neighbourhood Watch

There are many things we, as a community, can do to make our neighbourhood safer.
Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch groups have repeatedly shown the way.

home watch logoEvery community is different and each has its own specific requirements when it comes to safety.

Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch groups succeed by taking a clear-eyed look at the needs in their areas and responding with intelligent, targeted and often innovative solutions.
Making our neighbourhood safer is partly about increasing security, but it’s also about reducing the incentive to commit crime.

Neighbourhood and Home Watch groups work on both aspects. They initiate security measures and also work to make their neighbourhoods pleasant and friendly places where crime is less likely to happen.

Security measures can include no cold calling zones, key holder schemes and home security improvement drives.

The Way Ahead
In the near future you will be receiving a questionnaire from the Parish Council, as part of the process of developing a Parish Plan. This is your chance to have a say about the future of our village. We all want the best for the place that we live in and we can really make change happen (or not happen, if that is what we want).

neighbourhood watch logoAs part of this questionnaire you will be asked whether you want a NHW scheme for the village and whether you would be willing to become a Coordinator of a small group of homes? 
The job of a Coordinator is not too time consuming and, without willing volunteers, the scheme cannot run. In a nutshell, the coordinator would –

  • be responsible for no more twenty houses
    (depending on the number of volunteers)
  • check whether residents have access to the internet
  • check that residents know how to view the NHW information on line
  • distribute relevant safety and security information, to those residents who do not have access to the internet, by leaflet drop.
  • receive support and information from the local scheme organiser