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Our Brand and Logo

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Romsley Parish Council Logo

Behind the Design

In 2016 Romsley Parish Council decided to re-design its Logo.

The idea behind the refresh was a logo that was instantly recognizable, worked well on various social media and communication platforms, and encapsulated the strategy of the Parish Council and the elements of the parish.

The resulting design includes

  • Green as the predominant colour. This refers to the rural environment that we live in and the lush countryside that we value and seek to protect.
  • The curves on the logo refer to Romsley Hill which is a key feature of our parish. It also represents the evolution of our parish.
  • The leaves also refer to our natural surroundings and signify the desire to see our community grow.
  • Our new strapline is “Together We’re Stronger…”. This also refers to our desire to build and grow a strong community value within our Parish through communication, inclusion and the collaborative documentation of our Parish Plan. The use of ellipses after “Together we’re stronger” indicates an ongoing strategy.


Logo and Brand Colours



\"RPCBelow you will find the various versions of our logo design and Links to artwork

You may not use them in any form unless you have the prior written permission Romsley Parish Council. To request permission, please contact us to discuss this.


QR Code

In 2016 we designed a QR code that will direct users to the Romsley Parish Council website