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Council Communications – Keeping people well informed about what your Parish Council is doing is vital to build trust and confidence. We are constantly reviewing the communication channels that we have to find the most appropriate way of keeping residents informed. We have created this website to act as a hub for our community and we are also active on Social Media. We will also circulate a regular newsletter .

We have started to refurbish the notice boards so that everyone in the community can use them. See notes below regarding their use.

General power of competency – We are considering adopting \”the general power of competency\” as outlined in the 2011 Localism Act. This will give Romsley Parish Council the ability to step in and deliver a range of additional functions and services to our community if and when we can afford them.

Parish Council Notice Boards

Throughout the Parish (as part of continued maintenance) we will be upgrading the Parish Council noticeboards. The new noticeboards will have no glass casing and will be completely open. The first example of these can be found next to the butchers in St Kenelms Road.

We are doing this because the glass cabinet board types tended to steam up and get dirty – meaning the contents are unreadable. We also wanted to open up the boards to be used by the whole Parish. 

Anyone in the Parish are free to use the Parish Council noticeboards – however we would be grateful if you would adhere to the following policy.

  • Community notice boards are the property of  Romsley Parish Council.
  • The Parish Council takes no responsibility for the accuracy of notices placed on the notice boards that do not bear the Romsley Parish Council logo.

The Parish Council has the right to deny the posting of any information that does not adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Only notices publicising activities and events or statutory public documents of non-profit, non-political organisations may be posted.
  • Notices must publicise activities or events that are occurring within Romsley Parish and its immediate neighbours and have specific relevance to the community.
  • Information to be displayed in a language other than English must be accompanied by a brief summary of the information provided in English.
  • The organisation or person(s) responsible for issuing the notice must be clearly visible on the notice.
  • The Parish Council reserves the right to remove any notice it considers inappropriate.
  • The notice must be attached by the use of drawing pins only-No staples permitted.
  • The Parish Council takes no responsibility for the misuse of this service.