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Marl Hole Restore a pond and wetland habitat for invertebrates and amphibians

We will clear the pond of duckweed, increasing light reaching below the surface of the water and oxygenation of water for submerged aquatic plants and invertebrates. We will look to repeat this removal whenever the abundance of duckweed reaches over 50%. This will act to gradually reduce the nutrient content of the pond over time. The removed duckweed will be piled at the pond edge for 2 days to allow wildlife within to re-enter the pond. The duckweed will then be composted away from the pond.
We will remove the discarded waste reducing the nutrient burden of the pond. This will help to reduce the production of duckweed.
If clear pollutant entry points into the pond from the adjacent land are identified then we will take steps to prevent these with the relevant landowner.

We will supplement the species diversity of marshy areas within the site with small amounts of plug planting. We will undertake this planting in autumn or spring months. We will use native, locally-appropriate species wherever possible.

20% - In Progress

Oct 2019 – Romsley Parish Council cleared the pond of dead vegetation and duckweed. We used our own maintenance team for this. The wetland area was also cleared.